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The Comb/Class A is the first installment in the Standard Issue: 1942 series. Developed to be a practical every day carry item, the bristles and overall shape are carefully designed to serve real world daily grooming needs. The quality and durability of the classic materials remind us of why they were so commonly used in an era where products were designed to last. All Standard Issue: 1942 products are designed and manufactured in the United States.
In an effort to express our gratitude towards all active and retired service members, 5% of Standard Issue: 1942 revenue is donated to the Hope for the Warriors foundation.
Naval Brass Comb (Lead Free)

   Laser cut and hand polished in Idaho

Integrated Leather Sheath

   Tanned in St. Louis, Missouri by Herman Oak Leather (est. 1881)

   Embossed, cut and died in Boise, Idaho

Brass Grommet

   Stamped in Pompano Beach, Florida by Stimpson Company (est. 1852) 

Overall Length (open) - 8 3/4in

   Hand assembled and shipped from Boise, Idaho.